Join the Fun! Have your family billet leadership students from all across Canada.

Abbotsford School District is excited to be hosting the Canadian National Student Leadership Conference from September 24th to September 28th, 2019. To ensure the success of the national conference we need to secure excellent billet homes for our student delegates. We are inviting you to billet 2 or more students from all areas of Canada in your home.

Billeting Requirements:

* Breakfast each morning and perhaps a light snack before bed

* Reliable transportation to (~ 8:00 am) and from (~ 10:30 pm) to the conference each day

* Supper and free time with billets on Friday evening

* Mandatory criminal record check for all adults in the house over the age of 19, the check is free of charge and is done online with access code contained in the application form.

It is also understood that each billet has their own bed. Two or more billets can stay in the same room provided they have the option to sleep in separate beds.

These students are leaders in their schools, and will be future leaders in Canadian communities, industry, and government. They will learn invaluable skills at this conference and will make lasting connections with other students from all over our country.

They will have a truly amazing experience, which will be even more memorable if you open your home to them.

Start the application process by clicking on the following link:

If you have any questions, please contact me, Brian Bell, at

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