The Advisor Program at CSLC is a professional development opportunity for attending advisors, which features advisor sessions led by professional motivational speakers, industry professionals and experienced leadership advisors. Attending advisors will have opportunities to network and collaborate with fellow leadership and student activity advisors from across the country, as well as have the opportunity to participate in the Canadian Student Leadership Association’s Leadership Advisor Development and Certification Program.


Advisor Programming Highlights:

  • Meet the Maestros
  • 60 in 60
  • CSLA Leadership Advisor Development and Certification Program
  • Networking sessions with advisors from across Canada
  • And much more!

Advisor Workshops at CSLC 2019:

CSLA Leadership Advisor Development and Certification Program

Christine Ross – I, For One, Welcome Our New Google Overlords

The How and Why of The Google Classroom Ecosystem. It’ll be on how it works, various features, how the ecosystem works together, the legal stuff (how we got it in compliance with FOIPPA), etc.

Ravi Safaya – Youth Leadership Challenge

YLSBC ran a Youth Leadership Challenge on April 27th, 2019 in Maple Ridge. We had a successful run and it was attended by Marc England representing CSLA. We would like to share this vision with other advisors so they can think of adopting this YLC in their region in years to come. Next YLC will be in April 2020.

We will make a full report on the vision, and even how it happened and its benefits to youth.

Jeff Eben – Debrief 

Please join Jess Eben for a debrief following his keynote presentation. Discuss things that resonated with you and how you can bring that energy/vision back to your school.

Kara Coleman – Yoga

Yoga class is suitable for all levels and will focus on breathing mechanics and mindful movement, weaving the two together to create a sense of calm throughout the mind, body and soul.

Jon Tenthory – Finding Your Inner Ninja 

Participants will engage in activities that explore their own capacity to embrace challenge and collaborate with others to develop strategies to empower their students to do the same.

Gabrielle Fisher – Support Your Student Leaders

Supporting your student leaders may not be as simple as it seems. Learn three ‘simple’ ways in which you can best support your student leaders.

Stu Saunders – School Student Leadership in 2020 and Beyond

Let’s face it, whether you are a long time leadership advisor, or just getting started you’ve likely witnessed the changes and road blocks to running leadership activities. You struggle to figure out the best way to teach and the most important skills to be taught and instilled into each group of student leaders in your short time with them.It’s no longer just about school dances, face painting, poster making and pep-rallies. It’s about character, consistency and teaching your students to model what a leader can look like. 

Stu Saunders has been working in leadership development for 30 years, having the opportunity to work with over 3 million educators and students, he knows what’s working and what’s not. This workshop will focus on what you and your student can do on a consistent basis to impact your school community in a positive way. The metric is no longer how many school shirts you sell or how many tickets you can push out for the dance, it’s about developing an authentic and organic skill set in your students. You’ll hear unique and fun stories, and walk away with useful tactics and activities that you can start incorporating the day you get back into your building.

Jessica Richardson – Indigenous Games and Team Building 

This workshop introduces Indigenous games that can be transferred to students/classrooms for activities. The games focus on team building and enjoyment. Come prepared to move.

Lisa Shepherd – Beyond the Red River: Traditional Métis Jigging

Learning the traditional steps of Métis Jigging is only one drop in this workshop bucket. Be ready to listen to the distinct sound of the Métis fiddle, hear the stories behind the sounds and the history beneath the steps. On this  journey, you’ll work “in time” as a team to experience the songs and dance, much in the same way that the Métis Voyageurs worked in rhythm to paddle their canoes on the river. Bring your hearts and your minds together – and your devices down – as you stay in the moment to fully experience Métis traditional dance.

No audio or video recording in the workshop. It is asked that participants stay as guests in the moment, experience and bear witness to our beautiful Métis culture. We respect that Indigenous knowledge and practice is complex and diverse and teachings from this event should not be inappropriately spread or appropriated.

Sarah Chalk – Mental Health Talk

Since being a teacher can be a very demanding high stress job, work/life balance becomes very important.  Sarah will present on the signs of professional burnout and prevention. She will also discuss the importance of self-care and how to make space for this in our daily lives.  Job satisfaction and longevity can be challenging to experience throughout our career life and Sarah will speak to how to cultivate this in a meaningful way.

Iron Cycle – The Capable Ride 

The capable ride class is designed to build your confidence on the bike. We begin with learning how to catch the rhythm so we can all ride together on the beat. This foundation class is designed to empower you not only physically but also emotionally. Together we are CAPABLE.

Bobby Braich – HEADS UP: The Invisible Opponent 

Despite the obvious health benefits of exercise and team sports in high school, many athletes continue to suffer from anxiety and depression and fear the stigma of mental health.  The session will focus on the impact of academic and athletic expectations of the “role model”

student athlete and the constant inner struggle to battle the invisible opponent – the mind.  Coaches and leaders play a critical role in the development of students and mental health is a significant factor that needs to be recognized.

Carman Murray – Yoga 

Come and practice beginner yoga to shift your mind, body and spirit and learn ways to incorporate it into your day, in and out of your classroom.

Melissa Wright – Recognitions and Rewards 

Are you getting the results you want from your current recognition? Through the 5 R’s of Renaissance learn how to reward the behavior you wish to see in your school as well as recognizing other accomplishments of your staff and students in a new way.  Participants will leave with proven ideas to implement upon return to their school. (Great for PBIS!)

Jane Thompson – Secrets to helping your students’ search for scholarships

Come and gain some insight into how you can help your students find scholarship support for college or university. Jane will give an overview of scholarships in Canada, help you understand what scholarship committees are looking for, and reveal how advisors can best help their students succeed. Learn what a great letter of recommendation looks like – from the readers’ point of view. Please come with all your questions and observations; Jane would love to hear how the scholarship search looks from the advisors’ point of view.

Patti Zerr and Fallon Prince – EVERYTHING You Need to Know About Leadership

This session is an opportunity to share advisor expertise and success stories. While extremely valuable for new advisors, this two hour session also allows for seasoned professionals to share their experience and learn a few new tricks. There will be time to share creative ideas and do some problem solving.

Tom Yonge and Jane Grant – If I knew then what I know now…

Stories from two advisors who have experienced the good, bad and the ugly sides of Student Activities and Leadership.

Dave Conlon – The Rookie Show 

Math teachers are lucky: they have a textbook for the year. Leadership teachers are doomed: they have a calendar full of blank spaces. This session will give you some ideas on how to survive the roller coaster ride of the first few calendar years of leadership. Dave is supposedly “some guru of student leadership” or that’s what his mother-in-law says. He will share some of his insights into surviving and thriving as an advisor and coaster rider to student council and leadership. Buckle in for the ride!

Advisor Keynote:

Jeff Eben

Jeff Eben is an award-winning educator, leader, author and speaker. A promising young athlete with dreams of a college football scholarship, Jeff sustained a catastrophic injury at 16 that left him paralyzed and tasked with building his life and career in a wheelchair. After graduating high school and earning his degree and teaching credential from Fresno State University, Jeff Eben enjoyed a 30 year career in public education that included coaching football and basketball, teaching, and administration. His powerful story and unique philosophy of “Feel The Love” has afforded him the opportunity to speak around the world, including an educational roundtable at Oxford University in England. In 1998, Jeff was named Fresno County’s Administrator of the Year, and in 2006, he was inducted into the Clovis Hall of Fame for Lifetime Achievement in Education. In 2007, he was recognized by Fresno State as its Noted Alumnus, and his work in Wisconsin earned him the Distinguished Educator Award given by Phi Delta Kappa in 2013.

Phil Boyte

Phil is passionate about creating amazing school culture. He has spoken to thousands of schools across North America, empowering both students and educators to transform their campus’ climate. Phil’s dynamic and transformative message to youth and adults enhances the quality of life for each individual, school, and community. As a motivational speaker, keynote, consultant, husband, father, and friend, Phil aims to be a force of enthusiasm and encouragement in the world. Phil is also the creator of the successful Link Crew program now used by hundreds of schools across North America!


Stu Saunders

Stu Saunders is one of the most successful and effective speakers in North America. For more than 20 years Stu has traveled across the United States and Canada delivering hilarious, empowering and memorable presentations. In fact he has spoken to more then 2000 corporations, organizations, universities, colleges, high schools, middle schools, leadership conferences. Over two million people have heard Stu speak.

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