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Student Program Highlights:

  • Exciting Keynote Speakers
  • Informative workshops
  • Breaking Down the Walls Program with the amazing Phil Boyte
  • Meet the Maestros
  • 60 Ideas in 60 Minutes
  • Community Service Opportunities
  • and much much more!!

Activity Sessions at CSLC 2019:

Student Meet the Maestros


Awesome Activity Leadership Lessons

Indigenous Games


Baer Necessities

Breaking Down the Walls with Phil Boyte and many more! 

Workshops at CSLC 2019:

We are pleased to offer the following workshop this year at CSLC 2019:

Mike Smith – Find Your Grind

For too long, our students have been raised to believe that they have to, ” . . . [G]et the perfect grades to go to the perfect college to get the perfect job to have the perfect life.” Mike Smith believes that this way of thinking is backwards. Outside of his renowned speaking career and non-profit work, Mike is also the co-founder of a revolutionary self-discovery and career exploration platform called Find Your Grind (FYG). FYG’s mission is simple: to curate and help navigate the 21st Century roadmap, enabling people to discover who they are, where they’re going, and the first steps to get there. Mike believes it’s time to stop asking students what they want to be when they grow up and to start showing them the possibilities of who they can be — and FYG aims to help students and teachers do just that.

Jeff Gerber – BeLONG

Jeff believes the “biggest ship in leadership is relationship.”  Focusing on relationships, and the character traits behind building relationships,  is the key to building a school community where everyone belongs. Jeff has presented at schools and leadership conferences across the country and looks forward to bringing his message of “Leadership, Love, and Belonging” to CSLC 2019.  Find out more at www.jeffgerber,ca and on social media @jeffgpresents.

Jory Smallenburg – The Power of a Single Sentence

Jory Smallenberg argues that the power of a single sentence is the world’s most effective tool in response to the refugee crisis. 

Chris Kelly and Kimberly Sommer – Abbotsford Aboriginal Education Department

The presenter will communicate knowledge of Inuit people and their history in Canada. The presenter will use photos, artifacts and Traditional Inuit clothing to prompt student learning about the Inuit culture. The students will get to create a watercolor picture of an igloo with the northern lights in the background.

Harpreet Gruwal, Kelly Towns, Anastasia Aubert – Financial Literacy

This workshop will cover the importance of financial literacy and explore the following topics: Credit score, what it is and how it used for employment, utility bills, rentals etc., Credit card, what it is & how to use one effectively to establish credit and Fraud, tips on how to use smart phones, debit card and transactions at ATMs.

Perry Smith – Leadership from an Indigenous Perspective

As a leader, an understanding of indigenous perspectives is crucial when working with colleagues and stakeholders that may have diverse world views. Join me to discuss the principles of indigenous perspectives in an interactive and engaging session.

Marco LeBlanc – You’ve got What it Takes (FR)

You have the inner resources to make your school culture better. In this workshop we will discuss ideas and strategies to improve school culture, communication, event and activity planning by highlighting the skillsets required to do so through collaboration, purpose and delivery. This workshop is offered in French.

Jess Tang (Shad Canada) – Who We Are and How We Lead, Unlocking Authentic Leadership

Before being a leader for others, we must first lead in our own lives. Knowing how to show up authentically, with a clear understanding of who we are and our values, is a key first step to being able to own our impact. This workshop aims to empower youth by highlighting frameworks that will allow them to: create clarity in their life and the things that matter the most to them, define their personal values and  have hard conversations with themselves and others. This workshop is about learning how to be all in, choose courage over comfort and bravery over perfection.

Nick Foley – How Do You Want to Be Remembered? 

Young people are faced with decisions every day. This anti-hate keynote address speaks about the importance of asking ourselves the question, “How do I want to be remembered?” Students will garner an understanding of how the decisions we make have a profound effect on our lives long after they are made and acted upon. This message is illustrated through real life stories that will leave the audience laughing as well as thinking about the legacy they are creating. This presentation illustrates that inclusion without bias is what will fundamentally contribute to eradicating hate. Nick pulls from the life lessons he learned while cycling 8312 km from Victoria BC to St John’s NFLND on his Move for Inclusion journey to raise awareness about Inclusion. Nick shares with the audience that if ‘your why for doing something is big enough, then the how you do it will always show up.’ The audience will garner an understanding that when you decide to do, you have decided to live to your fullest capacity.

Alison Springer – Inspiring Female Greatness

If you have had enough of the girl drama and your school could do with a boost of female pride… then this workshop is for you.

In this session we will look at the advantages of being a female, what we bring to the table and what you can do to inspire female greatness in your school. 

This workshop is available for female delegates only.

Alison Springer – Male and Female Advocates – Making Your School a Safe Space

The ‘Me Too’ movement has helped empower female’s voices but it has also created skeptics and brought uncertainty to males in how they ought to conduct themselves. More than ever we need both male and female advocates and role models creating safe places in schools, communities and for all those in their sphere of influence. In this session, you will gain clarity on what is sexual assault, harassment along with consent. You will also learn what is appropriate and what is not, what do and say if someone has crossed the line and is inappropriate. You will be empowered to know how to help your friends and those who confide in you to create safe spaces for all but especially girls. 

Sarah Daintrey – The Four Seasons of Leadership – Making Giving Back a School-Wide Initiative

The Fall: Student Service

How to make your school feel like a welcome place for all students

The Winter: Staff Service

How to make your staff feel appreciated and understood in your school community. 

The Spring: Community Service

How to make an impact on your community. Where do you spend your energy? How will it help make your school apart of your community. 

The Summer: World Wide

Choosing carefully where to how to make an impact in the world. We must be very careful that we are empowering people without overpowering them. Where does your money do the most good?

Matt O’Brien, Relay for Life – Leadership is Bigger than Cancer 

Matt will share with students how they can organize a Relay for Life Fundraising initiative at their school and the impact it has on the community and those in need.

Be the Change Earth Alliance – CLIMATE CHANGE: Myth or the Most Urgent and Important Challenge of Our Time?

Through short provocative videos and activities students will explore the myth vs. the science of climate change, including: the difference between ‘climate change’ and natural climate variation; how we can tell climate change is human-caused; some reasons for climate denialism; and how youth are most affected by climate change. Participants will receive an action pledge worksheet and open-access to STUDENT LEADERSHIP FOR CHANGE learning resources to bring to their home school.

Marisa Lister – Doctors without Borders (EN/FR)

The good, the bad, the ugly of humanitarian work. Marisa shares stories and information of what it is really like to provide global service work through her job with Doctors Without Borders. 

*This workshop is bilingual

Bob Kline – Become a Spirit Power House 

This 1-hour workshop will begin with a guided reflection on your school’s appearance, events, and overall culture.  Then, based on Bob’s experiences advising the three-time spirit award winning Huron Heights Huskies and training spirit leaders for the Canadian Student Leadership Conference, he’ll share a series of ideas to boost your school spirit and school culture.  Participants will have the opportunity to network with each other and talk through issues related to school spirit and school culture.

Lenora Poulin – The Well-Read Leader 

P.J. O’Rourke said, “Always read something that will make you look good if you die in the middle of it.” So what should the well-read leader read? And no, it’s not all non-fiction and self-help. Travel from picture books to some serious non-fiction and learn, laugh, and be inspired both as a leader and a well-read human. What do other well-read leaders read? Who should you follow on social media? Be prepared to be read to and leave with a start to your “to read” list.

Matt Chapdelaine – Competition, Conflict & Criticism: Forming a Courage Complex

“Competition?! Conflict?! Criticism?! You’re going to give them a complex!!”

Good. The Courage Complex is becoming squelched by an overwhelming push toward cooperation over competition, compromise over conflict, and comfort over criticism. The fear of exposing a rising generation of leaders to these real challenges has robbed them of the opportunity to see themselves as conquerors within their own narrative. As our young leaders pen the next page of their stories, how can we be better at creating a context where they can have the courage to prove true the wildest realities they envision for their future? Join Matt Chapdelaine as he explains how to form a Courage Complex through Competition, Conflict & Criticism.

Ian Tyson – Events That Matter 

Breaking down to the fundamentals of school leadership and how we can create events and programs that will be inclusive and result in more participation and higher school spirit.

Vijay Manuel – Building the Team

Learn how to identify common values and operating principals to guide your team and some strategies on activating those values in a meaningful way to keep your team on track and working together!

Jason Larsson – Your Brand Matters

A 1-hour session to help young people build awareness of their brand, and learn how to use their brand effectively throughout their career. Young people will learn the essentials of what makes a great personal brand, first impression, professional presence, and elevator pitch.

Cliff Prang – The Power of Looking Stupid 

By seamlessly weaving funny, poignant & personal anecdotes along with ridiculous, yet purpose-filled exercises into your context (i.e. teachers, staff teams, creative entrepreneurs, corporate executives, etc.), Cliff will challenge your group to embrace their passion, identify their fears, and then facilitate them to push through those barriers.

Jane Thompson, TD Bank – Scholarships 101

Come and find out all about the scholarships that are available to help support your studies at Canadian colleges and universities. Whatever grade you are in, it’s a good idea to start thinking about scholarships now. And there is lots of good news; there are scholarships out there for all kinds of students. Come and ask your questions about what scholarship committees are looking for, how to write an effective application, and how the process works. You can’t win if you don’t apply!

Senator Yonah Martin – Exquisite Elephant in the Making 

Everything we learn, everything we have experienced or have done – the good, the bad, and the ugly – is useful in this moment or in the future yet to unfold. We are informed by our collective and personal histories; and the more we understand what has led us to this moment, the more purposeful life can become. In better knowing our histories, we are able to better understand our place in the world and tap into our inner talents and the leadership capacity that is within each and every one of us.


Featured Activity

Phil Boyte – Breaking Down the Walls 

Phil is passionate about creating amazing school culture. He has spoken to thousands of schools across North America, empowering both students and educators to transform their campus’ climate. Phil’s dynamic and transformative message to youth and adults enhances the quality of life for each individual, school, and community. As a motivational speaker, keynote, consultant, husband, father, and friend, Phil aims to be a force of enthusiasm and encouragement in the world. Phil is also the creator of the successful Link Crew program now used by hundreds of schools across North America!

Breaking Down the Walls for High School students is a program designed to unify, empower, and engage every student to create a positive and supportive campus culture.


Mini Keynote Presenters


Ian Tyson

Since his very first show in 1989, Ian Tyson has strived to entertain and inspire people across North America with his unique brand of “Comedy with a Message”. Ian’s passion is always on full display during his presentations, with high energy, humour and heart-warming relatable stories of overcoming obstacles and making a difference in the lives of others. 

An author, award-winning stand-up comic, master story-teller and insightful entertainer, Ian has performed for millions of people at the middle school, high school, college/university level and corporate clients in his career across the continent and around the world. His keynotes have been creating positive change for hundreds of thousands of people every year.

Alison Springer

Alison Springer is the Founder of Young Woman of Power (YWOP) and a Youth Communications Specialist based in Calgary, Alberta. She has co-written curriculum used in Junior High Schools throughout Western Canada, and has developed and facilitated programs used in Calgary’s Youth Judicial System.

A Professional Speaker and Trainer, Alison knows how to captivate and inspire teen audiences, keeping them engaged with her use of memorable sayings, innovative exercises and her own creative flair. With 20 years of experience working with youth; Alison brings the will to do whatever it takes to keep students’ attention so that the main message gets through.

Alison’s passion is helping youth discover leadership and the greatness that lies within. She wants to get them exchanging the status quo for a life of passion and purpose while placing high value on people.

Her MISSION is to build a generation of CONFIDENT youth who will make positive choices that will change and shape their world.


Jeff Gerber

Jeff has been empowering and entertaining people for many years!  As the Student Activities Council Advisor and Leadership Teacher at Waterloo-Oxford DSS, he leads one of the largest and most impactful leadership programs in the province of Ontario.  He is an engaging speaker and workshop presenter with experience at global, national, provincial, TEDx, regional and local conferences, school assemblies, and more.


 Bob Kline

Bob teaches Leadership at Huron Heights Secondary School in Kitchener, Ontario.  Currently there are approximately 180 students in their school’s student leadership program.  Their students, known as the Huskies, have been recognized three times as having the ‘most school spirit’ at the Ontario Student Leadership Conference (OSLC)! 


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