Former CSLC Delegate Testimonials 


“It was an amazing experience to get close to a group of students so excited and dedicated to leadership. The lessons and influence from great people I met have stayed with me to this day. Plus it was a ton of fun, I remember games and rounds of laughter we had ten years later” 

Corbin Smith – Summerside, PEI 2008 

“A big thing for me was traveling away from BC for the first time and having the opportunity to meet people that I related and connected to within our Yale group as well as other students from across Canada. They embraced a lot of things about myself I was insecure about and taught me to use them as assets within leadership building.” 

Ethan Murley – Olds, Alberta 2009 

People often talk about a defining moment in their lives, for me CSLC is one of them. CSLC and the people I met taught me to believe in myself and believe that one person can make a difference. The confidence I gained has helped me every day since and helped me become the man I am today 

Matt Desai – Montreal, Quebec 2010 

CSLC was an incredible opportunity for me. I was able to connect with like-minded students who were eager to meet new friends and explore a new community in Canada. Everyday was jammed full with activities and workshops. My CSLC experience left me feeling inspired and I was able to take what I learned and apply those skills to my school and work life. 

Ali MacQuisten – Cornerbrook, NFLD 2011 

It really helped me come out of my shell, and feel more confident speaking, working and being open with other people. 

Kristina Collins – Weyburn, Saskachewan 2012 

“CSLC is such an inspiring event, the energy levels and excitement students feel during and after it is unprecedented. Without an event like this, students from across Canada would be unable to meet each other and share experiences that motivate them to pursue new initiatives at their own schools. I am still grateful for having had the opportunity to go to PEI and attend CSLC 2013, as it pushed me further out of my comfort zone and gave me many tools to continue to pursue leadership roles both in high school and in undergrad.” 

Anna Holota – Montague, PEI 2013 

When I started at Yale I fell in love with the leadership program and knew I wanted to be involved in it for all four years of high school. It wasn’t until I went to CSLC with a group of classmates that I really realized just how valuable the skills I’d been learning in leadership class were. Having the privilege to listen to inspiring motivational speakers and partake in leadership workshops was an experience that I will never forget, and what I didn’t know going into the conference was how important the skills I would learn at CSLC would be for my future. I still call on the skills I learnt often in my third year of university. I sincerely believe the lessons I learnt from the speakers, instructors, activities, and other students have shaped the way I interact with the people around me every day. As if that wasn’t enough from what I brought back from CSLC, I cannot put into words how thankful I am for the people I met at the conference from all over Canada. I’m still in contact with several friends I grew close with through social media, texting, and some I even make trips to visit. Overall, when I look back on my experience at CSLC I get overwhelmed at how molding the experience was and how I lucky I was to be a part of such a special group of people. Without a doubt, CSLC was one of the best experiences I’ve ever been fortunate enough to be a part of. 

Lorry MacKay – Kelowna, BC 2014 

CSLC was an experience that made me step out of my comfort zone in a super positive atmosphere. I got to learn more about leadership and meet people that had the same goals as I do. I think that everyone should have the opportunity to attend CSLC! 

Emma Harley – Waterloo, Ontario 2017 

CSLC was one of the best experiences of my life. I met so many kids from around the country who all have the same goals and dreams as me. CSLC is something I will never forget and one day will be telling my children all about. 

Diandra Lotts – Waterloo, Ontario 2017 

CSLC for me was a life-changing experience. It gave me the opportunity to meet other high-achieving students from across Canada and create friendships that I will now have for life. CSLC was such an amazing week, it taught me so much about myself as well as others. I am so thankful for the opportunity to attend CSLC and there are no words to describe how much of an honor it will be to host this incredible conference. 

Emmy Curtis, Edmonton, Alberta 2018 

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